Schlagwort: Yoga in der Natur in Engen-Schlagwörter

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    Kundalini Yoga LehrerInnenausbildung Stufe 1 Intensiv in Mallorca

    Join us for 3 x one week intensive Aquarian Teacher Training in the beautiful, tranquil and peaceful area of Inca on Mallorca and at Quinta do Rajo Ashram, Portugal. The 2019 Mallorca Teacher Training is a program of 3 (separate) weeks to certify you as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher worldwide. A team of experienced teachers under guidance of Lead Trainer Shiv Charan Singh will accompany you on this journey in the beautiful surroundings of Mallorca and at the Quinta do Rajo Ashram in Portugal. There is a maximum of 18 participants possible. Our experience in the eight years we have Weiterlesen [...]