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    International Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training (KRI) Level 1 for Women only. Including additional modules on Pregnancy Yoga and Teachings for Women.

    English spoken. Bei Bedarf mit dt. Übersetzung.


    This course is open for all women. You will cover all the curriculum of a standard Level 1 Teacher Training Course. And receive a KRI Level 1 Instructor Certificate.

    Additionally you will be equipped to teach Pregnancy Yoga to Women: The 2 day pregnancy yoga module is focusing on giving you a wealth of tools to support women around conscious conception, pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum and beyond according to Yogi Bhajan’s teachings.


    You will also learn how to facilitate women courses and events: the 2 day module on women’s teachings is focusing on immersing yourself into Yogi Bhajan’s invaluable teachings for women. Over the 35 years he taught, the majority of his teachings were priceless gems of wisdom for women. This vast array of ancient yogic knowledge includes specific Kundalini and Meditation techniques to empower women and to access their inner strength, dignity and sacredness.


    „You believe the woman is a doormat. I believe woman is the door to God. You believe woman is the chick and I believe she is the eagle. Her sway and her grace is keeping the Earth in its own place.“ – Yogi Bhajan

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